Are you interested in setting up as a food, beverage, or merchandise vendor at a Glow festival? If so please read our vendor regulations and information sections below.

How To Become a Vendor

1, Submit Your Application

Complete the vendor application form below.

2, Wait For Approval Email

You must wait for your application approval email before making your payment.

3, Pay Vendor Fee

AFTER you receive a approval email you will have 1 day to pay your vendor fee.

Vending Rules

  • All vendors are required to submit a vendor application below and must wait until you receive an approval email.
  • If the city requires permits, businesses licenses, or other documents specific for that city you are responsible for obtaining the correct documents. 
  • All food vendors must include a copy of their Health Department Certificate and Sellers Permit.
  • Vendors selling goods are responsible for their own tax reporting.
  • Any banner or sign needs to be approved prior to the event by Glow Festival.
  • Sound producing or amplification devices that project sound must be kept at a conversational level and must not interfere with other vendors or Lighthouse Lantern Festival’s sound system.
  • Vendors need to be set up one hour before the event starts or they will forfeit their space without reimbursement.
  • Vendors are responsible for cleaning up their area. All trash must be disposed in one of the designated dumpsters. Leaving trash behind may result in a fine.
  • Any damage to any property that a vendor occupies is the sole responsibility of the vendor and will be charged to the vendor.
  • No more than two people are allowed entry per vendor space. 
  • Booths must be manned during event hours. All booths shall stay set up during event hours.
  • Glow Festival reserves the right to evict any person or company (without recourse) for disobeying any municipal, provincial or federal regulations governing this event; or, for any conduct deemed improper or dangerous, or for breaking any of our rules.
  • Vendor fees are non-refundable so do not pay before approved.

Vendor F.A.Q

If you need electricity, please bring a generator in case electricity isn’t provided by the venue.

We will not be assigning booth space until the day before the event. Our goal is to provide all vendors with a booth location that will have the same attendee traffic and visibility. 

We will give you an area big enough for a 10×10 tent, 20×20 tent, or food truck space. You will be responsible for providing the tent, tables, generator and anything else you need. We try to keep all booths by each other to draw the most traffic.

Vendor Pass Prices

Vendor passes are required to setup a vendor space at our events.

10x10 Merchandise Vendor Pass

$ 100
  • 10x10 Vendor Space

20x20 Merchandise Vendor Pass

$ 200
  • 20x20 Vendor Space

Food Vendor Pass

$ 300
  • Food Vendor Space